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November 14, 2007


Todd Shoemaker

Great site and information.I have been running half-marathons since 2004. This was a year after having open-heart surgery to remove a cancerous tumor. I ran a half-marathon on December 2,2007, after being diagnosed with Parkinson's. I share all this to show people that we serve a wonderful and awesome Savior. My Savior gives me the strength to run. I could not be doing this without Him. I would encourage people who are dealing with life's struggles to live life. I deal with the struggles of life by being in God's word and running. God bless.

Jeremy Thiessen

Kevin, you'll be ready to go no problem! That's great - welcome to the team! And no, chances are we won't be actually performing during the marathon... I would prefer to run that day instead!


Will you guys be stopping at one of the stages along the course to do a mini concert? I've been running some 5K races this fall so I just need to add ten more miles on.

Jeremy Thiessen

So does this mean you're in for the Nashville marathon, Byron? Even if you can't make that one, make sure you sign up for the team so that we can let you know of some of the other events that will be coming up. Train safe!


You guys came to our church when I was in florida. Calvary Chapel Jupiter. Ya'll are awesome. And I love the fact that you're runners and you blog about it...


I've been running with a friend a couple times a week for about 3 miles, but that seems like the farthest I can go so far. I would love to run a half or full marathon someday. Seattle has a marathon at the end of Nov, but I'm not quite ready for that feat yet. However, I'm definitely interested in training and getting in shape (after having a baby), so I'll be interested in reading what you guys post.

Jeremy Thiessen

Hey Jody - welcome to the team! We're thrilled to have you... I've added you to the team in the sidebar there. Please let us know if there's anything we can do to help you train. Keep us posted!


Woo-hoo!! I'm up for the Country Music Marathon.


My friend Tom passed on this link - what a cool idea. I would think that most runners could identify with your 3C's. Since we started Runners Lounge, we have felt so lucky to have Connected with runners across the world - virtually - and have been better for it. You may want to think about setting up a "Lounge Group" at Runners Lounge. It would give you just another way to have ongoing conversations. (Check out Group "8 on the 8th" as a great example).

I look forward to more information.


The Country Music Marathon is out. I already have plans for the LA Times Festival of Books that weekend.



I'm in. I need some motivation over the cold, dark winter months.


I can't do the Music Marathon since it would be a bit far for me to travel, but I am doing my first half marathon in January in Austin. I'm looking forward to following this website - I've always enjoyed the running posts that you and Glenn write.


Well, Mark, we'd love to have you on the team for the Country Music Marathon (or half) in Nashville in April! You'll have plenty of support, I'm sure... Make sure you sign up to join the team!


I need to do something. I'll be interested to see what you two have in mind.


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